MSB Document & Policy Management Process – advice for partners

A Document Management process ensures the consistent development, implementation and review of multi-agency business documents, policies and procedures, and other resources relating to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, young people, adults and families; taking into account revised local and national guidance, legislation and feedback from practitioners.

Any queries regarding the management of MSB documents should be sent to the MSB Boards Manager.

MSB Policy Management Process
As part of their continuous improvement process, both Boards agreed it was important to have:

Where appropriate, any outdated policies were reviewed to determine if there was a need for any new or additional guidance.

Any new multi-agency policy being developed on behalf of a Board will be assigned, by the MSAB Executive and/or MSCB Leadership Group, to the most appropriate subgroup, task & finish group or partner as the lead for the development and approval process, allowing for additional specialist input as and when required. Such assignment will come with a SMART outcome and clear time frame.

When there is a new multi-agency policy developed via the GM Policies subgroup and a partnership view is needed, the MSCB Leadership group will assign the most appropriate subgroup, task & finish group or lead partner role as the lead for the formal mechanism for consultation and approval, with additional specialist input as and when required. Such assignment will come with a SMART outcome and clear time frame.

Every policy and business document published by the Boards must have an ‘owner’ (i.e. a subgroup or a lead partner role) and a review date. Polices will be scheduled for review on a timely basis, ensuring refreshed polices are available for publication.

For further details and guidance see:

Publication Protocol
Clear guidelines have been agreed regarding the place of publication of a document – this is a particular issue between the MSB website, the MCC website and the Help & Support Manchester website.

Partner agencies should take responsibility for the publication and review of single agency policies and should provide the Boards (via the Business Unit) with a link to enable the policy to be signposted to from the MSB website. It is good practice that a document is only published in one place and by its owner; and signposted to by other parties. If the Boards feel that a single agency policy warrants publication on the MSB website, then such a policy should be clearly labelled as the responsibility of the single agency and that agency must take responsibility for providing the MSB with any updates.

MSB Branding Guidelines
Partners and Business Unit colleagues should adhere to the MSB Branding guidelines (as approved by both Boards) and should not use the MSAB, MSCB or MSB logo without agreement.

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