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Safeguarding adults is far more than a set of guidance or procedures; it is all we do in all our work, in our practice, and our communities to prevent abuse and promote the well-being of people with care and support needs. It includes the preventative work of our care and health services, the support of our neighbourhoods and communities, and the actions of every individual who looks out for the welfare of their friends and neighbours.

The MSAB Policy & Procedures provide a framework for all partners, setting standards for adult safeguarding and promoting the use of the accompanying Manchester Safeguarding Adults Board (MSAB) procedures to help keep adults safe from abuse, neglect and exploitation.

This policy applies to all statutory, voluntary, independent, not for profit and commissioned services in Manchester who are involved with adults with care or support needs.

The MSAB Policy & Procedures (Published November 2015) call for co-operation between agencies and commissioners of service at all levels in order to ensure a proactive stance on safeguarding adults is taken.

It is expected that individual local agency procedures will be followed and referred to in the first instance and that this multi-agency policy will provide further clarification and consistency.

MSAB Person in a Position of Trust (PiPoT) Guidance

The MSAB PiPOT Policy (Published March 2018) provides a framework for working with adults who are deemed to have mental capacity and who are at risk of serious harm or death through self-neglect, risk taking behaviour or refusal of services.

It aims to provide professionals from Manchester Safeguarding Adults Board (MSAB) partner agencies with a framework for the management of complex cases where, despite ongoing work, serious risks are still present.

The protocol is a process to discuss, identify and document serious, current risks for high risk cases. Where appropriate it provides a multi-agency response and can formulate and review an action plan identifying multi-agency responsibility. It will also identify and record those situations where there is a reputational risk and provide access into the escalation processes of the organisation.

The High Risk Protocol (HRP) is for adults who have care and support needs and are at risk of significant harm or death and have the mental capacity to make unwise choices. If the adult is assessed as having the capacity to understand the consequences of refusing services, then HRP should be considered.

The MSAB HRP Multi_Agency Protocol (Published March 2018) provides an overarching policy for the North West Region which has been ratified by the North West ADASS Regional Safeguarding Group. This should be read in conjunction with the MSAB Person in a Position of Trust (PiPoT) Guidance and existing local Safeguarding Adults Procedures and Practice Guidance.

Pressure ulcers: safeguarding adults protocol

The Department of Health and Social Care published guidance on responding to individuals at risk of developing pressure ulcers, and preventing harm where they occur on 19 January 2018 – Safeguarding adults protocol: pressure ulcers and the interface with a safeguarding enquiry

This guidance from the Chief Social Worker helps practitioners and managers across health and care organisations to provide caring and quick responses to people at risk of developing pressure ulcers.

It also offers a process for the clinical management of harm removal and reduction where ulcers occur, considering if an adult safeguarding response is necessary.

Pressure ulcers, which are largely preventable, cause distress to individuals and their families and create financial pressures for the NHS. While the treatment of pressure ulcers is mainly clinical, prevention is a shared responsibility.

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