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The Herbert Protocol initiative is named after George Herbert, a war veteran of the Normandy landings, who lived with dementia.

It is distressing when a loved one, friend or neighbour fails to return home when they should but for  people living with someone with dementia this could be quite a common occurrence.

The Herbert Protocol is aimed at giving peace of mind to those who care for someone who has dementia and worry that they may go missing. This is a national scheme being introduced locally by Greater Manchester Police and other local agencies.

It is a simple risk reduction tool to help the police in their search for people with dementia who go missing and it encourages carers and family members to compile useful key information which could be used in the event of a person with dementia going missing.

The Herbert Protocol is a form which is kept at home, or in a safe place, with important information about a vulnerable person.

The form contains questions for carers, family members or friends to complete in advance, recording all vital details, including medication required, mobile numbers, places previously located or attended, a photograph, associates, daily routine etc..

When a person is reported missing, the police need a vast amount of information from people who are likely to be in a heightened state of anxiety. Extracting that information takes time and may not always be accurate, particularly when it relates to historic information which can be important when searching for a person with dementia.

For this reason the Herbert Protocol is designed to collect most of the information in ‘slow time’ so that it can be passed to the police quickly if it is ever needed. It will help the police in their search for the missing person, saving valuable time and help return them to safety. The form should be kept up to date with a recent photograph of the person that can be passed to the police if needed.

The police will only ever ask for the form if the person is reported missing.

The form and further details can be found on the GMP page www.gmp.police.uk/herbert

On this page you will also find a poster and leaflet about the scheme.

The video at youtu.be/0YOWrSsnt2o explains more.

How common is dementia?
According to the Alzheimer’s Society there are around 850,000 people in the UK with dementia. One in 14 people over 65 will develop dementia, and the condition affects 1 in 6 people over 80.

The number of people with dementia is increasing because people are living longer. It is estimated that by 2025, the number of people with dementia in the UK will have increased to around 1 million.

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