Child Protection Information Sharing (CP-IS) – resources for practitioners

What is CP-IS?
CP-IS is a system that enables information to be shared securely on a daily basis between the local authority children’s services department and NHS Trusts across England.

CP-IS connects local authority children’s social care systems with those used by the NHS in unscheduled health care settings, such as Accident and Emergency, ambulance services, walk-in centres and maternity units.

Why is CP-IS important?
CP-IS ensures health and care professionals in unscheduled health settings are alerted if a child or unborn baby is subject to a child protection plan or looked after and provides contact details for the Children’s Social Care team responsible for them.

Children’s Social Care teams will then receive a notification when a child or unborn subject to a child protection plan or in their care attends an unscheduled care setting via a notification that comes in. Notifications will be reviewed by the Contact Centre and this will then be placed on the child’s case file for the attention of the allocated worker as Significant Information on Open Case.

Information will be held on the CP-IS system for one year after a child’s child protection or looked after child status ends. If the case has closed then the Contact Centre will forward the notification to the MASH team without delay.

CP-IS provides instant access to this information which means vulnerable children can be identified wherever they are cared for in England. Findings from Serious Case Reviews tells us that sharing information effectively across health and care settings is vital in protecting vulnerable children and young people and preventing further harm.

Getting ready for CP-IS?
The ability to connect the local authority children’s social care systems with those used by NHS unscheduled health care settings requires there to be an NHS number on the child’s case file. If there is no NHS number on the child’s case file information will not be transferred, it is therefore ESSENTIAL that each and every practitioners ensures case files have NHS numbers recorded routinely.

The CP-IS icon CPIS icon has been changed to ensure that it is clear on the Symphony I.T. system.

CP-IS live
The system is now live in the Adult Emergency Department (ED) Manchester Royal Infirmary, the Walk in Centre (WiC) Manchester Royal Infirmary and Paediatric Emergency Department (PED) Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital.

Designated clinicians in ED, PED and the WiC are now able to see a child’s Child Protection/LAC status and the contact details for the Local Authority Children’s Social Care department are available (if the Local Authority responsible for the child is also signed up to CP-IS).

Manchester City Council Children’s Services has signed up to the system and went live on 12th December 2017.

CP-IS highlights when a child attends an urgent care setting and their information is accessed via the Summary Care Record if they are:

The system is an additional tool to inform Local Authorities of a child’s attendance in an urgent care centre and provide staff in the urgent care centres with additional information on attendance to inform their safeguarding assessment. There have already been cases where this information has assisted staff in accessing relevant information at the first point of contact which has informed their assessment and the care plan for the child.

Training and practice guidance have been developed to support the implementation and a quick guide has been circulated to staff within the departments – download the Symphony CP_IS quick reference guide (Dec 2017)

Further information is available from the Acute Safeguarding Children’s Team on Tele: 0161 274 4981.


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