Manchester Safeguarding Children Board

Manchester Safeguarding Children Board (MSCB) brings together a number of agencies across the city to ensure that there is a joined up approach to safeguarding.

Safeguarding means protecting a child’s right to live in safety, free from abuse and neglect. It is about working together to support children and young people to make decisions about the risks they face in their own lives, and protecting those who lack the capacity to make these decisions.

We all share responsibility for safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people, whether as a parent or family member; a friend or neighbour; a teacher or carer; or as a paid or volunteer worker. This section of our website is for children and young people, their families and carers and the practitioners and volunteers who work with them.

It is increasingly important that members of the local community have an understanding of the work that is being carried out to help keep children and young people safe in Manchester. For this reason we have a section for the wider Manchester community and local businesses who we hope will help us ensure ‘safeguarding is everyone’s business‘.

Our Vision

Our vision is that:

“Every Child in Manchester is safe, happy, healthy and successful. To achieve this we will: be child-centred; listen to and respond to children and young people; focus on strengths and resilience and; take early action.”

We aim to achieve this through:

Leadership – collective guidance, improvement and responsibility to ensure children and young people are safe.

Challenge – through focused inquiries or investigations into particular practice or issues on the basis of evidence, practitioner experience and the views of children and young people.

Learning – to achieve the highest standards of development and to ensure all practitioners have the skills and knowledge to be effective. This will include listening to the voice of children and young people and using what we hear to inform best practice.

Our Values

Our values underpin and guide the work we do and are promoted by all Board members:

  • all children should be safe from abuse and neglect
  • we prioritise the safety of children over everything else we do
  • we are committed to the changing needs of all children, particularly those who are vulnerable to risk
  • we collaborate with agencies and challenge them in a shared responsibility to safeguard children
  • we are dedicated to early help
  • we listen to children, young people, families, our practitioners and their managers – their involvement shapes what we do.

What is the MSCB?

Manchester Safeguarding Children Board (MSCB) is a statutory multi-agency board established under the Children Act 2004.

The MSCB is a strategic not operational body, monitoring the quality and consistency of safeguarding practice and training across all its partner agencies, ensuring continuous improvement in practice and contributing to the broader planning, commissioning and delivery of services.

Find out more in our About the MSCB resource.

The role of the MSCB

The main purpose of the MSCB is to safeguard and promote the welfare of children in Manchester. This is done by coordinating and challenging the safeguarding work of those people and organisations represented on the board, and ensuring that what they do is effective.

Working Together 2015 lists Board partners which must be included in a LSCB. This includes ‘Lay Members’ whose role is to represent the local community and a Member representing the Voluntary and Community sector.

Our aim is that every child has the opportunity to reach their full potential. This means that:

  • all children grow up in a safe environment
  • all children and young people achieve their best in education, are ready for work, and have skills for life
  • all children grow up healthy and have improved life chances and
  • children who are looked after achieve at least as good outcomes as those who are not.

All partners are expected to support this aim and to deliver the highest standard of service.

Note: this is under review following the publication of Working Together 2018.

Find out more in our About the MSCB resource.

The role of a Board member

Members of the MSCB are people with a strategic role in relation to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children within their organisation.

They are expected to be able to:

  • speak for their organisation with authority
  • commit their organisation on policy and practice matters
  • hold their organisation to account.

MSCB Governance Structure

The MSCB is independently chaired and consists of senior representatives of all the principle agencies and organisations whose staff come into contact with children and young people, their families and carers.

Julia Stephens-Row is the Independent Chair of the MSCB and oversees the Board. The Chair is independent of the local agencies so that the MSCB can exercise its local challenge function effectively.

In addition to its main Board, the MSCB has a number of subgroups which undertake specific tasks on its behalf; find out more about these subgroups in our MSB subgroups resource; we also have a MSB governance chart showing our arrangements.

MSCB Business Documents

You can find documents such as our vision, business plan and annual reports in the MSCB business documents resource.

Published MSCB Board Minutes

Copies of published MSCB Board minutes can be found on our minutes pages.

Serious Case Reviews & other reviews

The MSCB has a statutory duty to have a learning and improvement framework, which helps all agencies work together to look at situations involving children and families where there has been good or concerning practice.

Find out more in our Serious Case Reviews and Learning from Practice resources.

Affiliated Boards

The MSCB works in partnership with other strategic boards such as the Manchester Health & Wellbeing Board, the Manchester Community Safety Partnership and the Manchester Children’s Board.

For more information see our affiliated boards resource.

Legislation & government guidance

The Boards are statutory bodies and as such are the subject of government legislation.

Details can be found in our legislation and government guidance resource


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